Kind Words

I love that my clients love their dogs so much.




“Sarah brought some real emotion forward for me with our photo session. Sarah was able to see so much more than what was on the other side of her lens. She is a true positive spirit and I am thrilled to have met her when I did; my 14 year old dog, Britt, and I will forever live on together as companions through her beautiful photos. When you are out on a shoot with Sarah you know she is following her passion for animals and photography and you just have to admire her in being able to act on her passion. Her rapport with both human and fur clients is wonderful and I am thrilled to have had her as Britt and my memory maker. Thank you Sarah for your professionalism, attention to detail, compassion for animals and all you do to support your community through your beautiful work in photography!” ~ Gwen N.



“Sarah has a special and unique talent for capturing the spirit of your pet and your relationship with them in her photography. Her warm personality instantly puts you and your pet at ease – making the session very enjoyable. The photos on the website are truly representative of the quality of work that you can expect. We love Biscuit’s photos so much that we plan to have another session soon. We have highly recommended (as well as gifted) Sarah’s photo shoots to friends and family. In addition to having a really fun session with Sarah, the images captured will be treasured forever.” ~ Sincerely, Tanya (dog and art lover!)



“I cannot find the words that truly express my gratitude for your kindness and grace – Thank You for the beautiful album. I will treasure it always. Your spirit has touched me in a profound way. Thank you for following your dreams and passions so we all might share in the beauty of our dogs. Boomer looking out the car window fascinates me every time I look at that photo….. hopefully we will see you again soon!” ~ G.K


Billie & Chai

“After searching through many sites for the perfect photographer to capture images of my 2 fur babies, I came across Sarah’s site. I was immediately touched by some of the images in her portfolio, and knew right away that I wanted her to do the same for us, and I was not disappointed. Sarah was professional but also used a very personal touch. Having just met us, she went straight to work and captured the emotion and feeling I wanted of my 2 dogs (which was not an easy feat considering their 2 very different personalities). She was super creative in her shots, and was also able to be very flexible with her vision for the shoot, especially considering one of my dogs took a big leap, right into a muddy swamp! Sarah was reactive, and used those impromptu moments to her advantage, and caught some great spontaneous shots. When I received the final proofs, I couldn’t have been more pleased. The images were so real, honest and personal. When working with Sarah, you can see her passion for what she does, and this really does come out in the photographs. Thank you Sarah!”  ~ Jodie H.



“This last fall, I received a 45 minute photo shoot with SarahAnn for my dear dog and companion Kira as a gift. This was a wonderful gift, but at the time I had no idea how meaningful the work that Sarah does would mean. Kira was almost 12 years old and her health was failing. Walking was becoming a chore and it was just a matter of time. Kira and I met with Sarah and for the duration of the photo session, Sarah so beautifully captured the Kira’s personality and the relationship that Kira and I shared. I never imagined that those photos would so vividly tell a tale of the deep bond Kira and I shared.On November 30th, 2014 Kira passed away. The memories I have of my dear Kira will last till my final breath, but when I think of Kira, the way she would look at me with those dark and loving eyes, or the leash pulls she would give when she wanted to keep walking instead of going home;  her favorite game Frisbee, and how walks were not even complete without the disk in mouth… all those memories were somehow captured by Sarah without compromise. And if someday I think upon those memories and find they are not as clear as they should be, a brief look back at Sarah’s work will re-paint those memories as those they were yesterday all over again. I miss my Kira so much, but am so thankful for the photo session with Sarah my wife gifted me.” ~  Sincerely, Scott


Ralph & Harley

“My people bumps have finally settled down enough that I can now actually type. My friend you are destined for great things and I am hopeful that the families who have the pleasure of you photographing their four-legged family member realize the special gift that you provide for them by capturing the true essence of their special pet and when they look at the portrait they will be reminded of how profound the unconditional love is between them and their four-legged family member. Your gift comes from the profound connection and understanding of these creatures and I thank you for sharing with me your true essence. I , like the furry creatures including felines, am truly blessed to have you in my life!” ~ Bonnie Lynn